Data Access

The data collected by the OpenINTEL platform has many applications in network and network security research. For this reason, we make our data available to academic researchers upon request. As using the data requires specific knowledge and may require specific analysis infrastructure, we invite fellow researchers to contact us about this, so we can discuss your research needs.

We note that there are restrictions on the use of the data collected by the OpenINTEL platform, which are partly a result of the contractual obligations we have with the gTLD and ccTLD operators who have provided access to the zone files for the top-level domains for which they are responsible. One key restrictions is that we cannot provide data for commercial purposes, so please do not contact us if you want to make commercial use of the data we collect. We may also have to impose restrictions about third party release of research data derived from data collected by the OpenINTEL platform. This will be discussed on a per request basis.

Open data

We release two of our datasets as open data. The first dataset is for the Alexa top 1M, the second dataset is for those ccTLDs that release their DNS zone files as open data (currently those are .se and .nu). You can download these datasets below. By downloading the data, you agree to keep to our terms of use.

For viewing our open access data in a separate tab click here.